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Applications Now Open For the Systems Biology Training Program

Sponsored by the San Diego Center for Systems Biology and UC San Diego Health Sciences



The San Diego Center for Systems Biology (SDCSB) is pleased to accept applications for our Systems Biology Training Program. Applications are solicited from graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at UC San Diego or affiliated institutions wishing to develop and apply systems biology approaches to address a compelling biomedical question.

Applicants are encouraged to have two faculty mentors, at least one of which must be a member of the SDCSB. The SDCSB’s faculty members are as follows: Bing Ren, Chris Glass, Clodagh O’Shea, Elizabeth Winzeler, Eric Bennett, Gurol Suel, Hannah Carter, Jeff Hasty (Co-Director), Lev Tsimring, Nan Hao, Sumit Chanda, Terry Hwa and Trey Ideker (Co-Director).

Trainees will be required to attend and participate in the SDCSB’s External Advisory Board Meeting, which this year is being held alongside the Winter qBio Meeting at the Grand Wailea Resort in Maui, Hawaii. Confirmed speakers include Brenda Andrews (Univ. of Toronto), Job Dekker (Univ. of Massachusetts) and Chris Voigt (MIT). The SDCSB will provide funds for travel, accommodations and registration.  

Trainees will also be required to present their work at the SDCSB’s semiannual S2S meetings and to participate in other SDCSB events. Trainees will have to submit a brief annual report.

The SDCSB will provide funds to support 20% of the trainee’s salary. SDCSB faculty members can use their SDCSB funds to cover up to 40% of the trainee’s salary with the remaining at least 40% covered by sources outside of the SDCSB. Funding will be provided until June 2019.


Submission Information

Use the NIH’s structure (Significance, Innovation and Approach) or a similar format to describe a single Specific Aim in two pages or less. Proposals should clearly state the significance of the biomedical problem and why it will benefit from a systems biology approach. The proposal should include a succinct description of the research plan along with proposed experiments, methods and analysis. Please describe the available reagents and assays needed to support the research or describe what will need to be developed. Applications will be scored based on standard NIH criteria with an emphasis on potential for groundbreaking science and synergy across mentors.

In addition to the two-page research proposal, please also provide an NIH biosketch and letters of support from both faculty mentors.

All documents should be submitted as one PDF to by 11:59 PM PT September 10, 2017. Please also direct any questions to