Systems Biology Trainee Program

The SDCSB’s Systems Biology Trainee Program provides support to both graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Applications are solicited on an annual basis, with existing Trainees allowed to compete for renewal on an equal footing with new applications. Applications will be solicited that consist of an NIH biosketch, a letter of support from both faculty advisors, and a two-page research plan. Applications will be reviewed and selected by the SDCSB Steering Committee. Applications will be judged on their potential for groundbreaking science and synergy across mentors. Trainees will be expected to attend and participate in events such as the SDCSB Annual Retreat and Quarterly Systems-to-Synthesis Meetings.

To foster the careers of these Trainees, the SDCSB is organizing a 10-week Career Development Seminar Series (also 2016)in the spring quarter. These seminars will include talks from systems biology researchers from academia and industry detailing career paths and providing valuable advice. We will also hold workshops on writing material for job applications such as research and teaching proposals. Trainees also meet once-a-month throughout the year at the Systems Biology Club to discuss their own work or a recent key publication in their field.

Current Trainees

Elayanambi Sundaramoorthy (Eric Bennett’s lab)
Guoqiang Li (Bing Ren’s lab)
Jinkil Jeong (Clodagh O’Shea’s lab)
Jintao Liu (Gurol Suel’s lab)
Joseph Larkin (Gurol Suel’s lab)
Juan Carlos Jado Rodriguez (Elizabeth Winzeler’s lab)
Meng Jin (Jeff Hasty (Nan Hao too)’s lab)
Michael Yu (Trey Ideker’s lab)
Philip Bittihn (Jeff Hasty’s lab)
Rohan Balakrishnan (Terry Hwa’s lab)
Steve Soon (Sumit Chanda’s lab)
Taishi Tonooka (Jeff Hasty’s lab)
Verena Link (Chris Glass’s lab)
Yanfei Jiang (Nan Hao’s lab)

Past Trainees

Andriy Didovyk (Lev Tsimring’s lab)
Ariel Rodriguez (Sumit Chanda’s lab)
Fang Zhang (Gurol Suel’s lab)
Justine Swann (Elizabeth Winzeler’s lab)
Lorane Texari (Clodagh O’Shea’s lab)
Paul Steiner (Jeff Hasty’s lab)
Victoria Corey (Elizabeth Winzeler’s lab)