Genetics, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Colloquium
Thursdays, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
UC San Diego, Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall, Fung Auditorium
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qBio Seminar Series

Mondays at 3pm, in 1205 NSB


Spring 2016 Schedule

March 28, 2016
Brandon Gaut (University of California, Irvine)
Experimental Evolution of E. coli: the Phenotypic Effects of Adaptive Convergence
April 4, 2016
Winrich Freiwaldo (The Rockefeller University)
On the Neural Circuits for Face Recognition: a Vision Science Perspective on the Social Brain
April 11, 2016 Christopher Marx (University of Idaho)
Novel induction of cell stasis to protect the cell from a toxic central metabolic intermediate
April 18, 2016 Jin Zhang (University of San Diego, California)
Illuminating Biochemical Activity Architecture of the Cell
April 25, 2016 David Hu (Georgia Tech)
The universal law of urination
May 2, 2016
Eva-Maria Schoetz Collins (University of California, San Diego)
Dynamics of mouth opening in Hydra
May 16, 2016 Ying Lu (Harvard Medical School)
Specificity, efficiency and processivity in the eukaryotic protein degradation system
May 23, 2016 
Adam Deutschbauer (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
The phenotypic landscape of bacteria

Winter 2016 Schedule

January 11, 2016
Aleksandra Walczak (Laboratoire de Physique Théorique Ecole Normale Supérieure)
Diversity and adaptation of immune systems
January 25, 2016 Abhyudai Singh (University of Delaware)
Modeling timing phenomena in single-cells: From phage-induced lysis to cell-division events
February 1, 2016 Cornelis Murre (University of California, San Diego)
The contraction of space and time in gene regulation and immune cell development
February 8, 2016 Gregoire Altan-Bonnet (The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)
Synchronization and divergence of lymphocyte activation through cell-to-cell communications
February 22, 2016 Fred Chang (Columbia University)
Morphogenesis and Division of the Fission Yeast Cell
February 29, 2016 Erel Levine (Harvard University)
Coordinated sensing and response in worms
March 7, 2016
Kim Sneppen (University of Copenhagen)
Competition and Diversity in Microbial Systems

Fall 2015 Schedule

October 5, 2015
Matt Scott (University of Waterloo)
How infection virulence affects antibiotic susceptibility
October 12, 2015 Olga Dudko (University of California, San Diego)
The Contraction of Space and Time in Genomic Interaction
October 19, 2015 Oskar Hallatschek (University of California Berkeley)
Microbes under pressure
October 26, 2015 Ben Kerr (University of Washington)
Dear Prudence: The Evolution of Cooperative Restraint in Structured Population
November 2, 2015 Gurol Suel (University of California San Diego)
Collective dynamics and long-range signaling in biofilms
November 9, 2015 Eric J. Bennett(University of California, San Diego)
Using the ubiquitin-modified proteome to monitor protein homeostasis fidelity
November 16, 2015 Ben Dongsung Huh (Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit)
A Conservation law and Power laws in Human Movements
November 23, 2015 Rachel J. Dutton (University of California San Diego)
Deconstructing and reconstructing microbial communities using cheese